On August 3, 1492, Christopher Columbus disembarked his ship in the Bahamas and set into action a chain of events that would leave the world irrevocably changed. In the years after his arrival, Columbus and the later Conquistadores wiped out entire civilizations and transferred fauna, flora, diseases, ideas and technologies between the Old and New Worlds. Needless to say, the ecological impact was devastating. The Europeans killed more Native Americans indirectly through disease than with their own arms. Indigenous species were outcompeted by newcomers. And the transfer of foodstuffs crucially changed people’s diets, even across the farthest reaches of the planet. In the field of history, this process has become to be known as “The Columbian Exchange”.

This photo series tells the story of the “The Columbian Exchange”  through the eyes of the foods that were exchanged between the Old and New Worlds.