14372299_10210244753013012_1708790986085794619_oKim Van Liefferinge grew up in Ghent, Belgium where her family of entrepreneurial brewers and restaurant owners introduced her to the magic of food and drinks. Soon she began to look beyond the table itself, as vacations throughout Europe opened her eyes to history and archaeology – an interest that quickly bloomed into a passion for ancient civilizations and later became the subject of her PhD. While studying, she realized that photography could actually make visible the sweet and savory textures of past civilizations, and produced the artwork for a historical cookbook titled Smaak! (in English, Taste!). There was no turning back: after a postdoc at Stanford University she left academia and embarked on her career as a food photographer. Since then she has worked in-house and as a freelancer with startups like Sprig, UberEATS, Zume Pizza, Raised Real and Lolli & Pops; and her artwork has been featured in European magazines and public events like Belgium’s Night of History. She now lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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